Friday, December 19, 2014

Vegetablian in Tokyo 15 - nic Organic Restaurant

-nic- is an organic restaurant near the station Yotsuya. Lunch is from 11:30 to 14:30 on weekdays and during that time you can get a lunch set which includes a little (but amazing) starter salad, a main dish and a tea or coffee (you can also ask for soymilk 'tonyu') for 980¥. It is definately worth the price, because it tastes all very fresh, organic and awesome!
The dishes change a little bit from week to week, but the four options always include two vegan ones marked with a green letter, here B and D.
I went there once before to buy a bento box. For a bento it really was great quality, too, but nothing compared to the lunch set *_* !

Can't wait to go back there and take L. who sadly couldn't join me for this...

yummy starter salad

lunch set B: rice, carrot, crunchy veggy things with a fruity dip and mashed potato

Bento Box

〒160-0008 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Saneicho, 19


  1. looks so good! Thanks for posting <3

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