Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vegetablian in Tokyo 16 - Deva Deva Cafe

Deva Deva Cafe is a vegetarian cafe loated in a side street in Kichijoji which serves vegetarian burgers and small dishes and also has vegan options. Funnily when I went there, I saw some German vegetarian products sold there.I enjoyed the place, as it has a nice atmosphere and a nice location in a back street of Kichijoji and the burgers tasted good! So if you go to Kichijoji (which you definitely should, because it is great!) you can drop by, but it is maybe not worth to go all the way out just to eat a burger here.

Vegan Cutlet Burger - 1200 Yen
Vegan Yogi Burger - 1300Yen  as Lunch Set with Salad or Soup + Tea or Coffee
Lunch Menu from Website

Deva Deva is located in a side street on the first floor, so not quite easy to find.

Address: Devadeva Cafe, 2-14-7 Kichijoji-Honcho, Musashino-City

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