Monday, June 15, 2015

CLOSED Vegetablian Tokyo 30 - "Salt and Soil" salat restaurant

»Update April 2019« Unfortunately this shop has apparently closed:-(...

Salt and Soil is a restaurant really close to Iidabashi station. During lunch time you pay 1000¥ and get a drink, four different salats and bread as much as your heart desires!! The salat is quite big, very fresh and delicious! And the bread definitely the best (affortable) bread we have found in Tokyo so far!
When we went there were exactly four different vegetarian options, vegans would only have had two. But the menu seems to change from time to time, when my friend went there were six veggy dishes!

Thanks to our friend who showed us this amazing place, we will definitely go back! And if you crave fresh salat or amazing bread, salt and soil is the place to go! :)

Many different bread types at the bread buffet!

three of the four salats (the forth dish was a creamy soup)

4 Chome-7-4 Iidabashi
Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0072

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vegetablian Tokyo 29 - Genmai Shokudo Komenoko in Nishi-Ogikubo

»Updated April/2019«

Genmai Shokudo Komenoko ( is a vegan teishoku (set-meal) restaurant near the station Nishi-Ogikubo and it has become one of our all time favourite vegan spots for Japanese "home-style-cuisine". It is very atmospheric and the food is very good! We went for dinner and for lunch at different occasions. Dinner costs between 1300 and 1600 Yen, while lunch ist around 1200 Yen.
You get to chose between three different options: fried soy "chicken" (大豆たん白の唐揚げ), gyoza (もちきび入り焼き餃子) and one seasonal dish which changes every once in a while - in our case it was grilled vegetables and vegetable stew.
Each set-meal comes with rice, miso soup and a few different vegetable side dishes. Everythig tasted very amazing, I can't even chose which one I liked the most...

By the way: If you are eating here you should definitely check out the surrounding area Nishi-Ogikubo! In our opinion it's like a smaller and nicer version of Kichijoji with cute little shops, cafés and izakaya and actually many vegan places!

left: grilled veggies, right: soy "chicken"

vegan gyoza

vegetable stew

Tokyo, Suginami, Nishiogikita, 3 Chome−25-1

Vegetablian Tokyo 28 - Sincere Garden Omotesando

»Update April 2019: The menu changed  a bit since we wrote this review (now they haver curries and noodles), but the restaurant is still delicious.«

A friend took me to a cafe/restaurant near Omotesando station called Sincere Garden (シンシアガーデン). Everything they serve is vegan and it was without doubt the most delicious vegan restaurant I have been to in Tokyo!! The menu offers a very wide range of meals and what we ate tasted really fresh and delicious! Even the bread of my veggy burger was homemade and very yummy (^_^). All dishes cost between 1000 and 1500¥. Also I recommend the hawaian coffee, it tastes strangely but deliciously spicey!
It's on the 2nd floor on top of a cosmetic store.
I can't wait to take L. there, she will love it!

veggy burger set and a hawaian coffee

Picture from

vegan blueberry muffin with soy cream

〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山3丁目5−4

Vegetablian Tokyo 27 - ソラノイロ Japanese Soup Noodle

The other day we went to a restaurant called 'ソラノイロ Japanese Soup Noodle free style' that serves vegan and vegetarian soup noodles. The closest station is Kojimachi, we walked from Yotsuya though and that took us about ten minutes.
We had the vegan soup noodles (ビガンベジソバ) for 1100¥. Our friend chose the vegetarian option (ベジソバ) for 1050¥.
We were all very very happy with our meal. It tasted really good and had a lot of different vegetables! Also it was a bit less oily than the veggy ramen we know. We will definitely go again and recommend you to do so too, if you like japanese soup noodles! (^o^)

〒102-0093 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Hirakawacho, 1−3−10