Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vegetablian Tokyo 27 - ソラノイロ Japanese Soup Noodle

The other day we went to a restaurant called 'ソラノイロ Japanese Soup Noodle free style' that serves vegan and vegetarian soup noodles. The closest station is Kojimachi, we walked from Yotsuya though and that took us about ten minutes.
We had the vegan soup noodles (ビガンベジソバ) for 1100¥. Our friend chose the vegetarian option (ベジソバ) for 1050¥.
We were all very very happy with our meal. It tasted really good and had a lot of different vegetables! Also it was a bit less oily than the veggy ramen we know. We will definitely go again and recommend you to do so too, if you like japanese soup noodles! (^o^)

〒102-0093 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Hirakawacho, 1−3−10

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