Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vegetablian Tokyo 37 - Vegebar in Shibuya

Last week we accidentally stumbled upon Vegebar べじばる on the 7th floor of a building in Shibuya. This is a Shabu Shabu place where you can get a vegetarian option! It is not all vegetarian, but you can chose from several different soup bases, including a tomato soup and a spinach soup which we were told are all vegetarian. On top of that the place has many types of vegetables to chose from and also Mochi, Mozzarella Cheese, Tofu and rice noodles. This time we went for all veggie, but as you can opt for two separate soup bases (see picture below), you can easily go there with non-vegetarian friends who want to eat meat. Definitely want to go here again!! More pictures on this Japanese website:

Tomato soup and spinach soup base


Two soup bases costs 400Yen, one soup base is 200Yen. Tomato and spinach are veggie

We chose the mixed vegetables on the bottom left for 580Yen

Tofu (180Yen), Mozzarella (380Yen) and Maroni Noodles (180Yen) were very nice
This is how the sign looks like

J+R Bldg, 7F
33-12 Udagawacho
Shibuya, Tokyo

Vegetablian Tokyo 36 - Ain Soph Journey Shinjuku

Ain Soph Journey ( is a really nice vegan restaurant in Shinjuku, serving a variety of Japanese/Western style dishes using different types of veggie meat. We were four people and tried a lot of different dishes! I was the only vegetarian among us, but the other three were really surprised about the quality of the food (especially the veggie meat and the good seasoning). So I can definitely also recommended to go here with non-vegan friends. Prices are not really cheap, but I think the food is worth it. 

We had as a starter vegan deep fired "veggie chicken (Really recommended), vegan cutlet and veggie tortilla roll (Really recommended).
As main dishes I tried the Mushroom Hayashi Rice which I really liked and the Taco Rice, which was also extremely tasty! As dessert we had Tofu Lemon cheese cake, Chocolate cake and waffle with ice cream. I especially liked the ice cream with nuts!!

Vegan deep fired "veggie chicken (650Yen)
Vegan cutlet (650Yen)
Veggie tortilla roll (1600Yen)

Taco Rice (1600Yen)

Mushroom Hayashi Rice (1400Yen)

Lemon cheese cake (750Yen)
Chocolate cake (800Yen)
Waffle with ice cream (1000Yen)

Shop from the inside

Shinjuku, 3 Chome−89
160-0022 Tokyo